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Barnstable County criminal records are important for a myriad of reasons. They offer insights into an individual’s criminal history, assisting in making decisions. Criminal records empower people to make educated options about whom they associate with, whether choosing a relationship or examining a new next-door neighbor.

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Regional Criminal Resources For Barnstable County MA

Superior Court (Felony)
3195 Main St Barnstable, MA 02630
Web Search (Civil Records Only)
On Location Terminals – Yes

District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinances)
3195 Main St Barnstable, MA 02630
Web Search (Civil Records Only)
On Location Terminals – Yes

Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO)
6000 Sheriff’s Place, Buzzards Bay, MA 02542
Phone: (508) 563-4300
Public Records
Sex Offenders

Barnstable Police Department
1200 Phinneys Ln, Hyannis, MA 02601
Phone: (508) 775-0387
Records Division

Barnstable County Court Records

Investigating someone’s Barnstable County criminal history is done with court records. These are generally public and accessible to anyone in a lot of jurisdictions. To acquire them, you can visit the clerk of the court’s office or, in some areas, access the records online. Knowing the case number or accused’s name will be essential for this technique.

Barnstable County Police Records

For in-depth details on someone’s Barnstable County criminal history, the local police department is an ideal starting point. They normally maintain records of all arrests within their jurisdiction.

Arrest Information

Discovering Barnstable County arrest records can be complicated, but a few key methods can simplify the procedure. First, recognize that not all arrest records are public, and laws governing their access vary by state. Comprehending these laws is essential before beginning your search.

Inmate Information

You can view the criminal records of U.S. inmates in various ways. Requesting copies from the Barnstable County courthouse where the conviction happened or browsing the state’s corrections department website are common methods to get this information.

Categories Of Criminal Records:


Traffic violations in Barnstable County MA are considered moving infractions, while non-traffic offenses may be considered general infractions. The effects differ, with traffic offenses typically leading to points on a driver’s license, while many non-traffic offenses do not.


A Barnstable County misdemeanor conviction can have lasting effects, including probation, jail time, and a criminal record. Such a conviction might prevent employment, housing, or education opportunities and can restrict eligibility for government benefits. Travel restrictions might arise, and in some cases, misdemeanors can even result in deportation.

Barnstable County Felony Records

To determine if somebody has been convicted of a felony in Barnstable County MA, you can check the public records in the county of conviction, contact the relevant court, or consult the State Department of Corrections for a prison record. These resources will help you determine if the person is noted as a felon.

Barnstable County Sexual Offenders Registry

A Barnstable County government agency maintains the sex offender registry, including names, addresses, photos, and criminal activities of conviction. Its purpose is to enable the general public to be knowledgeable about sexual offenders in their vicinity, facilitating procedures to safeguard themselves, their households, and the broader neighborhood.

Incidents Of Barnstable County Dui and Dwi

A Barnstable County DUI (Driving Under the Influence) offense is normally classified as a misdemeanor but can intensify to a felony under certain conditions, such as injury while intoxicated or having numerous DUIs. Arrests might need a court appearance and lead to sentences like jail time, fines, community service, or driver’s license suspension.

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