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A Hampshire County criminal record is developed when an individual is arrested, fingerprinted, apprehended, booked into jail, or appears in a criminal court. This record includes the individual’s name, birth date, mugshot, fingerprints, charges faced, and other relevant details. When the individual is charged or convicted, their criminal record becomes publicly available.

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Regional Criminal Resources For Hampshire County MA

Superior Court (Felony)
413-584-5810 x2
15 Gothic St Northampton, MA 01060
Web Search (Civil Records Only)
On Location Terminals – Yes

District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinances)
15 Gothic St Northampton, MA 01060
Web Search (Civil Records Only)
On Location Terminals – Yes

Hampshire County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO)
205 Rocky Hill Rd, Northampton, MA 01060
Phone: (413) 584-5911
Sex Offenders

Northampton Police Department
29 Center St, Northampton, MA 01060
Phone: (413) 587-1100
Records Bureau

Hampshire County Court Records

If you need to examine criminal activities in a particular area, a search of court records will be advantageous. By searching online or in person at the Hampshire County courthouse, you can reveal details about criminals and their offenses.

Hampshire County Police Records

It’s important to know the difference between criminal records and Hampshire County police records. Police records are created when officers respond to a call, make an arrest, or file a report. A criminal record is developed if a conviction results from an offense.

Arrest Information

Arrest records in Hampshire County MA, though public, can be obtained in various ways. Calling your local police agency or the jail where the arrests happened will allow you to request these records.

Inmate Information

In the United States, inmate records are considered public and can be requested freely. Reasons for requesting inmate records might include looking into family history or finding a relative or another person in prison or Hampshire County jail. These records frequently contain the inmate’s name, birth date, sentence length, and, occasionally, a photo.

Categories Of Criminal Records:


The showing up of a Hampshire County infraction on a criminal history check depends upon several aspects, such as the offense’s seriousness, the offender’s age, and the jurisdiction. Major infractions in court appear on a criminal history check, while some of the smaller once might now unless specifically checked for.


Misdemeanors in Hampshire County MA are mid level criminal offenses, usually leading to a fine or short-term incarceration. Examples include petty theft, disorderly conduct, trespassing, and simple assault. Some traffic violations might also fall under the classification of misdemeanors.

Hampshire County Felony Records

Felony offenses in Hampshire County MA encompass severe crimes such as drug trafficking, murder, rape, and break-in. Depending upon the severity, a felony conviction might yield a prison sentence or even life. Felonies can be classified as either violent, including death or serious injury to another person, or nonviolent, such as white-collar criminal offenses like embezzlement or fraud.

Hampshire County Sexual Offenders Registry

Searching for Hampshire County sex offender records can be done through various techniques, consisting of online state databases or local police databases if readily available.

Incidents Of Hampshire County Dui and Dwi

Hampshire County DUIs (Driving Under the Influence) are generally categorized as misdemeanors. Nevertheless, they can escalate to felony charges under certain circumstances, such as if the DUI results in death or serious injury or if the driver has numerous DUI convictions.

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