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A Middlesex County criminal record search thoroughly assesses somebody’s criminal history, which is useful when considering people. Conducting this search can be achieved through different methods. One approach involves using online public record lists, which collect data from sources such as court and police records. Alternatively, you could contact the county courthouse where the person resides, and the court clerk should be able to supply a list of any criminal case processes within that jurisdiction.

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Regional Criminal Resources For Middlesex County MA

Superior Court (Felony)
370 Jackson St Lowell, MA 01852
Web Search (Civil Records Only)
On Location Terminals – Yes

District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile, Traffic, Ordinances)
41 Hurd St Lowell, MA 01852
Web Search (Civil Records Only)
On Location Terminals – Yes

Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office (MSO)
291 Summer St, Lowell, MA 01852
Phone: (978) 856-1211
Public Records
Sex Offenders

Lowell Police Department
50 Arcand Dr, Lowell, MA 01852
Phone: (978) 937-3200
Request Records

Middlesex County Court Records

Court databases are a rich source of information about Middlesex County criminal cases, making them a valuable resource for revealing information about an individual’s criminal past.

Middlesex County Police Records

To get Middlesex County police records for a particular individual, you can check the local police headquarters or the sheriff’s office. This procedure generally involves filling out a form and paying a fee.

Arrest Information

Arrest records in Middlesex County MA document those arrested, including the arrestee’s name, address, birth date, and criminal activity. By searching public arrest records, you can see if somebody you know has been jailed. However, an arrest history does not imply guilt, as numerous individuals are apprehended, then released without being charged. Moreover, some people charged with a crime may not be convicted in court.

Inmate Information

Inmate records in Middlesex County MA are accessible to anybody, most conveniently through the Internet. While some websites provide easy access for free, other more centralized private databases will charge a free.
To access records in another state, connect to the Department of Corrections.

Categories Of Criminal Records:


Middlesex County infractions are small offenses, usually punishable by a fine, while more significant misdemeanors can lead to approximate imprisonment. Both are offenses; however, misdemeanors are often deemed more serious due to the potential for jail time. Infractions normally associate with traffic violations or small crimes like disorderly conduct.


Criminal activities typically fall under two categories: misdemeanors and felonies. Middlesex County misdemeanors are less severe offenses with milder penalties, while felonies include more serious crimes that can lead to extended incarceration.

Middlesex County Felony Records

Numerous offenses, including murder, rape, burglary, robbery, and arson, are categorized as felonies in the United States. The specifics of a felony can vary by state; however, felonies normally draw harsher penalties than misdemeanors. In some states, a felony conviction can result in a year or more prison sentence. The specific punishment depends upon the nature of the crime and the jurisdiction where it was committed.

Middlesex County Sexual Offenders Registry

To inspect your state’s sex offender registry, visit your local police or sheriff’s website.

Incidents Of Dui and Dwi In Middlesex County MA

A Middlesex County DUI is a criminal activity that will be shown in your criminal record. Depending on the state where the offense occurred, the repercussions may include attending mandatory alcohol education classes, paying significant penalties, or even serving jail time.

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