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In America, criminal records are maintained by federal, state, county, and city governments. There are private services that compile criminal records and offer it as a service, and people are also able to search direct using Plymouth County criminal record resources.

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Regional Criminal Resources For Plymouth County MA

Superior Court (Felony)
72 Belmont St Brockton, MA 02301
Web Search (Civil Records Only)
On Location Terminals – Yes

District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinances)
215 Main St Brockton, MA 02303
Web Search (Civil Records Only)
On Location Terminals – Yes

Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department (PCSD)
24 Long Pond Rd, Plymouth, MA 02360
Phone: (508) 830-6200
Public Records
Sex Offenders

Brockton Police Department
7 Commercial St, Brockton, MA 02302
Phone: (508) 941-0200
Police Reports
Public Records Requests

Plymouth County Court Records

Comprehending how to gain access to Plymouth County court records is essential when looking for criminal records. Since criminal records are public information, anybody can view them.
Accessing court records includes directly through the court system, as every county has a search portal for this purpose. Furthermore, private databases owned by companies can supply access to court records online, although this will require payment.

Plymouth County Police Records

Police records in Plymouth County MA serve as a valuable source of information for researchers, historians, and the public. Providing insights into local criminal activity trends, police efficiency, and community social and financial conditions, police records are normally available to the general public. However, there might be constraints on the details available and how they can be accessed.

Arrest Information

Plymouth County arrest records, being public records, can be accessed in numerous ways. You can contact your local sheriff or police to request these records.

Inmate Information

To determine if somebody you know may be in a Plymouth County jail, you can talk to the county sheriff’s office or local police department or look up inmate records online. These records will supply information like custody status, arrest date, charges, mugshots, etc.

Categories Of Criminal Records:


A Plymouth County infraction’s inclusion in a criminal background check depends upon different aspects: the offense’s seriousness, the offender’s age, and the state in question.


Misdemeanors in Plymouth County MA, crimes less significant than felonies but more serious than infractions, frequently lead to probation, fines, or both. In some states, they might likewise result in incarceration in county jail for as much as a year. Typical misdemeanors include offenses like driving under the influence and simple assault.

Plymouth County Felony Records

If you wish to discover if somebody in your county has a Plymouth County felony record, you can contact your local courthouse or gain access to county felony records through the state’s Department of Justice website. Most states have a public database of criminal records comprising felonies committed within the area or the state.

Plymouth County Sexual Offenders Registry

Sex offenders in Plymouth County MA, those who have committed crimes including sexual contact or penetration such as rape, child molestation, or sexual assault, need to register with the local police agency. This information is openly accessible to notify communities about sex offenders residing in their area.

Incidents Of Plymouth County Dui and Dwi

Convictions for a Plymouth County DUI (driving under the influence) carry both individual and legal penalties, the severity of which depends on elements like blood alcohol levels, casualty severity, and whether anyone was hurt. Legal effects may include fines or jail time.

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