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People may need to gain access to another person’s Springfield criminal record for various reasons, such as vetting a prospective babysitter or verifying the background of a date. No matter the intention, several alternatives exist to acquire this information.
Local police departments often keep records of arrests or convictions and may provide the information you seek. Alternatively, you can contact the court where a person has been convicted, as these public records should enable you to request a copy of their criminal history. A third choice is utilizing online services that allow a search of criminal records.

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Regional Criminal Resources For Springfield MA

Springfield Police Department
130 Pearl St, Springfield, MA 01105
Phone: (413) 787-6302
Records Bureau

Superior Court (Felony)
50 State St Springfield, MA 01102
Web Search (Civil Records Only)
On Location Terminals – Yes

District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile, Traffic, Ordinances)
50 State St Springfield, MA 01102
Web Search (Civil Records Only)
On Location Terminals – Yes

Hampden County Sheriff’s Office (HCSD)
95 Liberty St, Springfield, MA 01103
Phone: (413) 732-5772

Springfield Court Records

Court records are the optimal place to search for Springfield criminal information, as they generally include information on felonies and misdemeanors. Numerous courts provide online access to these records through their websites, making finding the needed details practical.

Springfield Police Records

Getting criminal history records from the Springfield police can be done in numerous ways. You may contact your local police and request the information directly or use some states’ online access to these records.

Arrest Information

The crucial part of discovering Springfield arrest records lies in understanding where to look. Many online resources supply access to these records, but not all are trustworthy. Local police departments frequently maintain arrest records and can be an excellent starting point, providing information through simple request forms or direct calls.

Inmate Information

Inmate records are valuable for getting insight into an individual’s Springfield criminal history. You can access these through numerous channels, such as courts, law enforcement agencies, and state and local corrections departments, enriching your understanding of a person’s background.

Categories Of Criminal Records:


Springfield infractions usually do not appear on criminal background checks and are usually neglected by searchers unless specifically requested.


Misdemeanors in Springfield MA, considered less serious than felonies, normally lead to fines, probation, or incarceration in local county prisons. Despite their lower intensity, misdemeanors and felonies will appear on a criminal history check. Their existence can affect one’s background evaluation.

Springfield Felony Records

To find documented Springfield felonies, you can call your local police department, or county courthouse or search public record websites online. However, it’s vital to note that some felonies, such as sealed or expunged records, might not be openly available, restricting the information you can obtain.

Springfield Sexual Offenders Registry

If you need information about sex offenders in Springfield MA, you can search county / state-specific registries or use the National Sex Offender Registry preserved by the United States Justice Department. These resources ensure that the information you seek is easily available.

Incidents Of Springfield Dui and Dwi

Springfield DUIs, or Driving Under the Influence, are typically misdemeanors but can be categorized as felonies depending upon the offense’s seriousness and whether it involves damage or injuries. Although DUIs are considered less serious than felonies, it is very important to comprehend their classification and potential influence on one’s criminal record.

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